LION YOGA was established in 2015 as a seed. It intends to grow further.

LY – LION YOGA lessons session might either consist of Hatha Yoga (Classical Hatha, Vinyasa Krama, Ashtanga Yoga) or Kundalini and Raja Yoga. It focuses on a variety of disciplines related to topics such as Āsana (body-postures), Meditations (Mindfulness, pratyāhāra, dhāraṇā), Prānāyāma (Breath-consciousness and control), Sun and Moon Salutations, Yoga for the Chair, Workplace Yoga, Yoga for toddlers, PAMABI (PAPA, MAMA, BIBI), Yoga in Space, Yoga Philosophy, other Inner-Engeneering techniques of Chinese, Vedic, Egyptian and World medicine, aspects of massage, Subtle Energys and Reiki, Nutrition, Face – Eye – Pelvic Floor- and Feet Yoga, Laughter Yoga and body work from other physical systems like Capoeira (Yogapoeira) and Pilates.

 Lion Yoga Kundalini sessions focus on general inner-engeneering topics and consist of body postures followed by moving or silent meditations.

YLY – YOUTH LION YOGA  is Yoga for children and youth (8 – 16 years). For children and youth as well as adults. It will be taught Yoga with influences of the Afro-Brasilian martial arts Capoeira Angola as well as Yoga along the guidelines of the Y.O.G.A. for YOUTH project. YOUTH LION YOGA focuses playfully as well as disciplined on Āsanas (postures), Prānāyāma (control and awareness of breath) und meditation as well as yogic Philosophy as a basic tool for inner growth, strenght, trust and well-being.

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 LY offeres regular sessions, seminars, lectures and workshops for individuals and groups of all ages.

LY likes to design, organize and lead projects such as Workplace Yoga, Yoga in Space, Urban Yoga, Yoga or health retreats at home or abroad as well as create articles, profiles and learning material. 


---LYW - LION YOGA WORKSHOPS (also in cooperation with FAYW)

---YLY – YOUTH LION YOGA (Yoga for toddlers, children and youth)

---LYW – LION YOGA WORK (Workplace Yoga, Health Management)

---LYS – LION YOGA SPACE (Yoga in other spaces, LYP – Lion Yoga Prison, YAAM YOGA, 1000 mGy –1000 mission Görli yoga)



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---Yoga 4 RAS/RAJ

---Let your inner Lion grow!

---You Leading You!

---You Learning Yoga!

---Wahe Guru! 

---Yoga for growing towards Kings and Queens! 

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