On the yogic path of a holistic lifestyle oriented towards Oneness, I move on. As HATHA | VINYASA | KUNDALINI | RAJA YOGA TEACHER & HOLISTIC GUIDE, I have been working for the last 5 years; a further deepening education of YOGA THERAPY (1000+ h) as well as an education as a student of AYURVEDA I started in autumn 2018. . On a basis of different movement systems, I study YOGA, MEDITATION and CAPOEIRA ANGOLA sciences as well as HOLISTIC HEALING SYSTEMS and NATURALNUTRITION in theory and practice. . Being an eternal student of those Life Sciences also includes teachings and communication practices. With this spirit and my academic training in Pedagogy (MoE Sp | Eng), I am further interested in communication systems that contribute to a balanced vibration in space. By the systems of language, holistic or subtle communication as well as animal, plant, mineral and interspecies communication or the practices of Yoga and Capoeira, I experienced aspects of inwardness, Mindfulness, silence and Meditation. . My sessions focus onto a holistic approach of healing and health, consisting of body and mind work, I MANAGEMENT techniques and lifestyle guidance with the goals of physical and mental flexibility, resistance, tolerance and harmony.